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Tweak Request.

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Up until a few weeks ago the MB app never updated the db itself. Every 4-5 days I’d open the app and discover I needed to update the db. Why was there no notifications from the app to update the db? I’ve always had Notifications set to ON  in the app’s Settings AND allowed for Malwarebytes in the System Settings. 

Now, the app updates it’s db automatically, that’s cool, but it provides no Push notification that it’s been updated. Care-free, hands-free driving 😉


Alan (Retired)  - happy dog happydog.jpg.82b6e2fbe2015793a68a0d304a60d127.jpg

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If the app is unable to update the database, that's likely to be because it hasn't gotten the background time that it needs to do so... and thus wouldn't be able to show a notification either.

iOS gives very little background time to apps that request it, and on top of that, there are a couple ways to prevent apps from getting background time at all: one through Settings, and the other involving constantly force-quitting all your apps (as some people do because they believe it improves performance & battery life).

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And I’ve always ha the MB App Settings set to On for Push Notifications.

Until several weeks ago the app would never update it’s db by itself - I had to open the app and manually trigger the update.

Now the MB App auto-updates it’s db just fine.

I’m just wondering why I don’t get Push Notifications that it Auto-updated.

Seems like iOS is behavin’ ok - I’m just requesting Notifications from the MB App so I don’t have to pop the hood every day to see if the MB db is Current, that’s all.

Thanks again.

Alan (Retired) -happy dog

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