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Firefox extension with MB Premium?

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I have Malwarebytes Premium with all 4 real time protections active. Is the Firefox extension really needed or is that for users that do not have the Web Protection in the Premium license?

Does it extend the protection or does my MB 3 Premium already provide all the protection needed?





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It extends the protection offered in Malwarebytes Premium.  The extension has additional functionality beyond what Malwarebytes 3 is currently capable of including blocking many ads and trackers (only actual malicious ads are targeted by MB3 such as those known to host exploits/malware/drive-bys etc.) and it also blocks clickbait links/sites/ads and includes new behavior based blocking for tech support scam sites, phishing sites and some other categories of threats/undesirable sites; things that can only be done from within the browser itself since the page's behavior and content must be visible/accessible to it to do so.

It should also speed up browsing when sites are blocked by Web Protection in Malwarebytes 3 because the redirect to the block page happens faster than going directly through the WFP framework used by Web Protection since that too gets moved to the browser through the extension.

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