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Malwarebytes for Kindles???

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It may depend on the version of Kindle you have as the original ones ran a proprietary OS of their own I believe rather than Android OS, and of course only specific builds of Android are supported I believe (it should show in the Google Play store whether it is compatible with your OS/device).

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Hello @sheila_c:

Years ago I was gifted an Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 tablet now running Fire OS

From the Amazon Appstore, I soon downloaded/installed/use the Malwarebytes/Malwarebytes Security app.  The app has since updated to v3.3.0.8.

If your Amazon Kindle's display has a hotlink to its appstore, searching for the absence/presence of the/a Malwarebytes Security app may decide its compatibility with your Amazon Kindle's OS.

AFAIK, Malwarebytes Pro has always referred to a former paid product, designed to work with Microsoft Windows based PCs.  Yes, semantics may be an obstacle there.

IMHO, the key word would be paid (not Pro).  You likely would need to purchase "Amazon Coins" for that potential upgrade.  Then, those Malwarebytes apps would likely self-update their app versions and perform daily database update searches and optionally make daily malware scans.  That is what I needed to do for my Fire.


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Yes, if the free version is compatible then Premium should be as well on your device.  If it turns out that it is not then acquiring a refund would not be a problem at all as Malwarebytes always offers a 30 day money back guarantee which can be returned for any reason within that time period.  Again, I don't expect that you'll have any problems though since the free version appears to be compatible.

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