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Virus (?)


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Hi Nathan,

I can't still view the photos on the phone. That's why I tried to view it on my PC. I haven't tried it directly as I don't have a SD card adapter as of the moment. I'll inform you by tomorrow on what will happen. 

Thank you for helping me. 




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Hi Glen,

Most likely, it's a failed SD card.  You may want to contact SanDisk.

There are currently no Viruses on Android.  A Virus being  a very specific piece of malware that can modify files in order to replicate itself.  Unless this is first case ever seen — but something tells me that's unlikely.  I suppose it is possible that your PC has virus, and it infected the photos once plugged in. But, I would image your PC wouldn't be running if that was the case.  Besides, Viruses are very uncommon these days since malware authors learned it isn't profitable to just destroy a PC just for the sake of destroying a PC.


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@GTampsYou want to use a Memory Card Reader in a Windows PC or a USB Memory Card Reader attached to a PC and read the file directory from there.

Computer malware does not normalize a relative size to a JPEG to 475GB.  If a file was truly that large it would not fit on a card.  Let alone dozens of JPEGS.  Chances are more likely to be a a bug in how the File Table is read and interpreted.  By inserting the Memory Card in a PC it is up to the PC's OS to interpret the Memory Card's File Table.

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