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Proposal: adblocking feature on Malwarebytes for Android/Chromebook?

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Hi everyone 😊

Two days ago my mom and my sister have become beta-testers of Malwarebytes for iOS and I've noticed that, even if iOS is a very restrictive OS, you've been able to introduce an adblocking feature (only in Safari for the App Store version and global for the TestFlight version).

So, my question is: why don't you implement the adblocking feature even on the Android/Chromebook version of this incredible software, since Android and Chrome OS are more open and it's very easy to use an adblocker, even without rooting your device (through a VPN or something similar)?
It would be amazing! 😁

But, maybe, then, you would have problems with Google policies about adblockers on the Google Play Store, wouldn't you? 😕

Thank you very much in advance and have a nice day 😉

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10 hours ago, mbam_mtbr said:

Hi @MariuxReloaded,

The answer is we kind of already do.  We scan for phishing URLs when using the Chrome browser and alert users when any are detected.


Yeah, exactly, "kind of already do", since Malwarebytes doesn't block all ads, indeed I have to use DNS66 and its VPN to filter them. But, as I've already said, I understand if you can't go beyond the URL scanning, because of Google Play Store policies 👍

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46 minutes ago, mbam_mtbr said:

Hi @MariuxReloaded,

Good point.  I'm digging deeper into this as I'm interested myself.  I'm currently reaching out to your development team to find out.  Something tells me it has a lot to do with Google PLAY as you pointed out though.


Thank you very much for your interest in this question, Nathan 👍😉

But yes: unfortunately, starting from 2016 or 2017, Google banned all adblocking apps on the Play Store, such as AdGuard, because the new policies were in favour of advertising, since Big G itself has developed the Google Ads program 😓

However, I hope that a workaround can be found to implement this important feature in Malwarebytes for Android/Chromebook, because this is a very dangerous period for all Android and Windows users, due to the countless adwares or, worse, spywares and ransomwares which can attack our devices through ads

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10 minutes ago, Vabadus said:


I agree with you as well, I would like to have, at least for aggressive advertising, ad-blocking.

Actually, we are actively looking into solutions about it. Nothing confirmed on the roadmap yet but we are evaluating couple of options.

Thanks for your great feedback.

No Vabadus, I'm just one of your loyal customers and, as I've already said, thank you very, very, very much for your efforts and hard work! You're all great! 😄😄😄

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An ad-blocker by Malwarebytes would aquaint to the "spam/viral" junk that until recently was protected by the SMS & Phone feature! I feel like any & all Android especially, have been put in jeopardy by Google's recent garbage.

Yetad's being sent via SMS or anything else offline in my opinion, is exactly that: a virus & security issue! Hopefully there won't be any "bright ideas" meantime to take advantage of this situation as it seems hacker's are trying to stay ahead of anything protection wise. 

From a certain security view, could it not be a global argument that with ad's blocked, there is less to hide a virus behind or inject some other form of a hack? 🤔 Basically if the hacker's lose any camouflage...

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