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MachineLearning - False Positive on our software Kerish Doctor


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I'm representing software developer - Kerish Products.

Users of our software began to complain on false positives of your product on our application executable Kerish Doctor 2019 while updating our program.
We always 100% guarantee that our software doesn't make any harmful actions for the user information and doesn't contain any adware modules.
The executable file is signed by our Digital Signature of Thawte Code Signing.

Link to the false positive executable file on our server: http://www.kerish.org/Products/Doctor/Update/KerishDoctor.exe

We asking you about adding this executable to the trust list or other action which will eliminate false positive problem in the future.
If you have any questions or additional information, we with pleasure will answer them. Hope for your assistance.


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This is detected by our MachineLearning engine, which helps to protect even better against 0day threats. Unfortunately, as this is a heuristic engine, it's possible False Positives happen. Also see here for more explanation: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/238670-machinelearninganomalous-detections-and-explanation/
Thanks for reporting these, as this helps to finetune the engine, so these won't be detected in the future anymore.

This should be fixed by now. Please give it some time (max 10 minutes) in order to have it populate, so detection won't happen anymore.


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