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hello to all

MBAM reported videoinspector.exe or videoinspector_lite.exe as an Adware:Relevant knowledge.

As I use it time to time to analyse video codecs, could you pls confirm that these programmes are Adware? (which doesn't seems to me).

If you need more I am ready to run again the scan (very long) and to give you the log .


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Hello to all

Sorry If I post in the wrong section.

I just want to be sure that videoispector is a real positiv or a false postive.

English is not my primary language, and I apolgyze if my explanations are not clear enought.


Note: doesn't find any way to edit my previous post.

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hello to all

I have investigated this situation and it appears that.

1) video inspector is a well known and valuable tool to analyse video codecs

2) videoinspector is distributed by KC software which seems to be known to include Relevant Knowledge in some of its package

3) they is different version of video inspector on the site of KCS

- videoinspector (which include RK)

- videoinspector_lite (which is RK free)

need to be carefull at download time while is not easy to recognize one or the other. (red barred panel for RK free)

4) I have analysed last version of videoinspector_lite with Eset and this is OK.

My old version was also detected as a malware by ESET.

This is my best understanding

Hope that help.

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