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Browser extension and adblock plus

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My mother uses Chrome and I am thinking of adding the Malwarebytes Chrome extension to better protect her.  My question is: I have already installed AdBlock Plus and wondered does this extension work with AdBlock Plus or would I need to uninstall it?


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Yes, the two of them work together just fine.  I use them together myself (along with Easy WebRTC Block, Ghostery, Disconnect, and Windows Defender Browser Protection (basically MS Smartscreen filter for Chrome) and haven't had a single issue so far with the only exception being the occasional error being logged by Disconnect because Malwarebytes blocked/redirected a site it was trying to block first, thus preventing Disconnect from blocking/redirecting it, but that's a non-issue since the net result is the same (the undesirable site gets blocked).

I also use a large HOSTS file currently containing over 800,000 entries for blocking various malicious sites, ads, trackers, social media, telemetry servers and other unwanted content and I have Malwarebytes Premium with its Web Protection component active which also blocks its share of malicious sites.

I've been running this configuration since before the browser extension as available to the public for testing (I was actually a member of the Malwarebytes Product team during its creation and had a hand in coming up with the concept for it; it started out as a tool to heuristically/behaviorally block tech support scam sites since new ones pop up so frequently making static domain/URL/IP address blocking futile, but since most of them look very similar/behave very similar/contain similar content, blocking them based on these factors should be possible with a low number of FPs and it was later expanded to include blocking for even more malicious/undesirable content).

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