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MEEClientService not starting up automatically

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We have noticed that a few new PCs we have rolled out doesn't show as online on the Malwarebytes Managed Console. I noticed that on these PCs, MEEClientService isn't starting up when I look in Services.msc. When I click "Start", then they show up as "online" in the MBAM console. When I reboot the new PCs, the service isn't running anymore until I manually start them again. I have tried reinstalling the Malwarebytes client on the new PCs but it doesn't fix the issue. These new PCs are Windows 10 Pro 1809. 

Is there a fix for this? 


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Sorry about this issue, if the service is able to start manually without any errors or issues we can run the following:

@echo off
REM Sets service to start automatically, with a delayed start
sc config MEEClientService start= delayed-auto
REM Sets service restart option to 15 minutes, failure count reset to 2 minutes
sc failure MEEClientService actions= restart/900000 reset= 120

This script will change the service settings to help them stay on more reliably, just run this on the machine or can be deployed through GPO or 3rd party deployment tool.

Let us know if we still have any issues with those settings in place?

Many Thanks,

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We'd rather have you use the service properties than to disable a Windows service, however, you can give it a try and/or mix and match with the policy service property options and see if it helps your Win 10's. It's not the bios Fast Boot option, apologies, it is the Window's Fast-Startup option in the Power Options, Control Panel. Disabling it was the old workaround, editing the service properties was the resolution and the service options becoming available within policy was the final fix.

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