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Global virus does not all me to use on Google

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Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it, at least I can use google, if not under my account at least I can use it under my "Guest" account. I would prefer to use it under my account, so if you know of any changes I can make, I'd appreciate knowing what those are. 

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The IP post reveals nothing about your location or identity. It only shows entries for your computer and router internal, local network which are similar for everybody.

Those IP's do look a bit strange though. Since your router is I would expect the DNS address to be the same and not 

Try deleting both the DNS entries and hold off on adding Google's Just let the router fill it in.

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4 hours ago, kite023 said:

I still used Safari, same browser, just added a guest account. ( I can open all of the google sites, maps, gmail etc.)

Understand, and that's probably enough, but using a different browser would tell us if there was something else infecting just Safari that we aren't aware of. That's pretty much been eliminated now, and must be a network issue of some sort.

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In System Preferences->Network you have to click the padlock in the lower left corner first and unlock it with your admin password. Then click the "Advanced" button and "DNS" tab and it will let you delete those entries.

Since you have to do that to add any entires, I have to wonder how those two got there in the first place?

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