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Portable Admin - False Positives


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Hello, I am the developer of an admin utility called Portable Admin. 

This utility performs a lot of different administrative functions, so its no surprise that your AV software is flagging many components of it. 


Please whitelist all components of my application .. they are attached in the zip files "samples.zip" .. password is "infected"


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  • Staff


I see that some of the files are being detected by our MachineLearning engine. Are these files in development?

If so, from MachineLearning/Anomalous Detections and Explanation:


Also, If you are a developer, while building your application,  I suggest you exclude the working/building directory from detection via the exclusion settings in Malwarebytes. This since our Anomaly detection might possibly detect some of the files you are building.
Once the application/project is final and ready to be shared with others, in most cases it won't be detected anymore since it won't be triggered as "anomalous" anymore either.

In case a "final project" is still detected, please let us know (include the sample), so we can add it to our database of known good apps as well to prevent this in the future.

If not, let me know and I'll take care of it.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I made some changes to core functionality and now its being detected again. Same detection: anomalous/machine learning. 

I attached all my binaries again ... password is "infected" 


I don't run MalwareBytes on my developement machines, but beta versions of my program do make their way onto other computers that run MalwareBytes .. I think that's the reason for detection.


Can you please whitelist again??


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