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Over zealous printer printhead cleaning


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I have an inkjet from a very well known company. Because I must have paid the equivalent of a new printer in ink cartridges, I installed a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) on it. Had it for a few years. Functioning great. In the past year, the printer began to do printhead cleaning more and more often even after a quality print check showed the print quality to be good. The result of these frequent printhead cleanings is obviously extra wear and tear on the printer. Has anyone experienced a similar problem and if so, what is the remedy.  MikeBravo 07

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Mechanically, there will be wear and tearPrinters are mechanical devices with motors and gears and it is inevitable.

Depending on the Make and Model, the printer may have a ink overflow reservoir to absorb excess ink. I had to send an Epson in for service because its pads had become saturated and it refused to even scan

If you use a printer to such a degree that it requires a continuous ink feed system then this is something that one may expect and it may be a good idea to have it serviced.  This would be Preventative Maintenance just to make sure gears, friction pads and other mechanical parts are not worn out as well as an ink absorbtion pads are replaced.




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Hi David, I understand that there is normal wear and tear on any mechanical equipment and a printer sure falls in this category. However, because of the difference between a good quality check several days in a row and a sudden messed-up quality page the following day, that leads me to suspect that a malware is causing this zealous printhead cleaning. Any thoughts on this possibility.


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