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MB free on iPad Pro

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Just put MB free for iOS on an iPad Pro. I MUST be missing something:

  • ad blocking (free forever or just 30 days)
  • web protection (free first 30 days only)?

And if I go Premium then all It does is continue Ad blocking and web protection.

The Android free version I put on my Galaxy is VERY robust in the free version at least for the first 30 days. But this iOS version just lays there.

  • I WILL go premium on my Galaxy.
  • for the same price, I think the iOS version seems lacking.

No offense; educate me.

- Alan


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The web site appears to be very clear on this: https://www.malwarebytes.com/ios/.

Ad blocking is free forever. Web protection is free for 30 days.

iPhone capabilities are similar to that found on your Galaxy. You can't really compare tablet version to a cell phone version.

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  • Staff

There's a lot that can be done on Android that is simply not possible on iOS. Most notably, scanning for malware. That is not possible on iOS, due to sandboxing restrictions in iOS that prevent an app from having that capability. Further, Apple has purged the App Store multiple times of apps that claim to provide antivirus capabilities but don't really, as that's a scam. So there are no antivirus programs for iOS. (Of course, it's not impossible to get your iOS device infected... but that doesn't change anything.)

On an iPad, the call and SMS protection features are not available. If the remaining Web Protection and Ad Blocking features are not compelling enough for you to purchase, that's certainly reasonable and we won't argue. Others have found the Web Protection alone to be worth a purchase, but to each his own. We definitely appreciate the feedback.

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