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For the first time in 5 years, my system was not wiped tonight by stream malware.

I have paid for your software for 2.5 years now, and tonight it caught a virus via Destiny 2 Connection, and blocked it!

In the past my system would have had it's boot sectors overwritten and I would have do to a reload/restore.

TY!!!! for finally catching up to the most president threat that exists in, current system environment.


Destiny2 Stream Hacker.txt

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Nice, it looks like Malwarebytes blocked the server hosting the malware.  I love it when that happens :) 

With regards to the types of threats you've been facing, can you provide any more details so I can check into how Malwarebytes is doing and give the Researchers a poke if needed to point them in the right direction?  I would like to make sure that they stay on top of whatever it is you've been dealing with to ensure you and other users have the best protection possible.  You mentioned that the threat overwrites the boot sector, which definitely sounds like a nasty MBR/VBR rootkit, and if it's coming through your games then it's probably some kind of Trojan or file-less malware (like some malicious shell code or Powershell script etc.), but I don't want to make assumptions so if you have any info at all about the threats you've been seeing please let us know because I know there are a lot of different threats and attack vectors out there these days (usually employing some kind of exploit).

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When the system boot sector gets wiped all the info goes with it. I was curious after it happened the 2nd or 3rd time so I pulled up the boot sector and looked @ it 

imagine drawing a line 90 from bottom left to top right and repeating it. (Got Smarter after the 4th or 5th time and have an offline system backup).

In the past I know it mostly happens when I doing beta testing for games. I am assume it is more of the api calls than actual file download as I have yet to see anything after It happens.

If I get another one I will try and do a better job of archving the HD before reload.



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