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Compatibility with RoamSafe Agent


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We're running malwarebytes endpoint protection on the laptops which got roamsafe agent - website filtering and reporting agent. 

At the moment, the youtube is unable to run despite me turning off the website protection component. Can you advise how can we resolve this issue? 

Can we schedule a remote session at all? Thanks.  

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Hello and welcome to our business forums!

With our real-time protection features, it's not uncommon for conflicts to occur when using multiple security software.

It sounds like this is affecting the Web Filtering portion of our real-time protection.

I would recommend going to Settings > Policies > Edit Policy > Settings > "Malicious Website Protection" and turn that slider to OFF and save the policy.

Since you are using another website filter lets see if running with this configuration is able to help these work side by side?


As well you can give us a call at our premium business support number, we won't be able to hop on a remote right away but would be happy to schedule one if needed. Let me know if you need the number I can PM you.

Many Thanks

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Hi Kevin, 

Yes please. Please pm the number. i would like to schedule the remote session please. I need to get this done before i deploy to thousand of devices. 

By the way, i have disabled the malicious website protection but it still doesn't work.  

Appreciate your help. Thanks. 

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