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SlimFTPd False Positive, Tool

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I'm using SlimFTP as easy to use and portable FTPd in my day-to day work as network engineer, and i'm surprised to see it tick majors antivirus like MB or avast and many others, and since i started using it home too, i'd want it to stop being detected each time by MB

I know it might be used as a download too for malware if embedded in another code, but alone it's just an FTP server, and being detected like that is doing prejudice to the FOSS community around. Here's my logs:

resumé.txt report.txt log.txt  (basically the files are the same)

And here's the file, with source code, it's with the program by default: 


And here's the developer, Matt Whitlock's website:


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This is a machinelearning detection, so we will review and adjust where needed.

Thanks for reporting!

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This should no longer be detected anymore.

In case it is, please Quit malwarebytes from the systemtray.
Then navigate to the following folder:


In there, locate the file HubbleCache and delete it.

Restart Malwarebytes again. A new Hubblecache will then be created again, so it will properly pick it up and remember to not detect this anymore.

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