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Repeat - selfconnectionnaturaltherapies.com (false positive)


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The below false positive was previously submitted  on 30/11/18. Confirmation was received from a member of your team that is has been white-listed. However it seems it has been blacklisted again, can you please review and advise why this is the case?


One of the websites hxxps://selfconnectionnaturaltherapies.com that we provide hosting services for is being flagged as blocked as a false positive. 

The reason it's a false positive is because:

The site was migrated from the infected server, it was restored from a clean backup. It was then Wordfence security checked to make sure it was clean, we then properly security hardened it and put an SSL certificate on it as part of our standard process we submitted it to Google search console and it's come up clean according to Google's scan.

Could you please review and remove the block applied?

Kind regards,


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On 1/7/2019 at 12:13 PM, MysteryFCM said:

We're not blocking the site or its IP. It was unblocked November 22nd.

Thanks for your reply Steven. Are you able to suggest what we can do if another vendor is blacklisting a URL based on its referencing your database?   It seems a number of our clients are caught in a perpetual loop as various vendors reference each other's blacklist databases.  I'd appreciate any assistance.

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