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How long should a scan take?

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I am a long time Malwarebytes fan. I run paid subscriptions on my all of my family computers. Recently my wife's Macbook  became infected. I have two questions. First can you run MB and Avast on a macbook at the same time? I run Avast and MB on my Win 10 computer, but I'm not sure about the mac. Second when I run a scan manually, it's done in 5 seconds or less, is that a normal?





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You should not run two anti-malware applications on her Mac, although there is usually no problem with both being installed as long as you don't run them simultaneously or allow both to be running a background process as they will likely interfere with each other when a new file shows up.

Malwarebytes is not a typical scanner, in that it only looks in places where malware is actually known to be stored, rather than checking each and every file on the drive. That's why it can complete it job in a very short time. Every user will experience a different amount of time, depending on hardware configuration and drive type and size, but five seconds is relative short. My 2005 iMac with 1TB spinning hard drive takes several minutes.

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7 hours ago, alvarnell said:

Avast has been known to detect other anti-malware databases as infected. I don't know whether that's true of it vs. Malwarebytes currently or not.

Not currently, but it has been known many times over the years to detect legitimate files, and has been known to interfere with Malwarebytes and other software.

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