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Hi @royorosco77,

This is a known issue on a limited amount of mobile devices.  This will be addressed in your next release.  In the meantime, below are some methods to resolve until the update comes out.

If you are having trouble with our Database Version not updating, there are a couple of methods you can try.  Each method should be attempted individually, and if one doesn’t work, try another:

  1. Clear Malwarebytes for Android cache
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Go to Apps
    3. Find and click Malwarebytes
    4. In Malwarebytes app info page, click Storage
    5. Click Clear cache
  2. Update using mobile data, not WiFi (warning: mobile data usage applies)
    1. Turn off WiFi
    2. Open Malwarebytes for Android
    3. Under Database Version, press UPDATE NOW
    4. Turn WiFi back on
  3. Reboot your device
  4. In Google Play, see if Malwarebytes needs to be updated
    1. Open Google Play
    2. Click the three lines that indicate the menu in the upper left
    3. Click My apps & games
    4. Look for Malwarebytes in update list
  5. If all else fails, uninstall Malwarebytes for Android and reinstall from Google Play



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I am sending you this message because I am having a problem updating database, I can not update a client's data from my form and the processing of it.
When I click on the modified button, it is as if the server does not find the page it puts me an error 500. It's been a week that I try to understand or is my mistake, I hope you can me illuminate.
Thank you in advance for your help ...




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