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(Theory) MS OS Updates possible relation to Freezes


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I was wondering if the freezes might have to do with W7 Operating System Updates or lack thereof.  

The last one I had installed is:

2018-10 Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3177467).

Windows Update main page says "windows is UP To Date"

I have my update settings as "Download Updates but let me choose whether to install them."I just did a manual check for updates and it still says I am up to date.

I have no hidden updates.

I have no W7 OS updates for Nov or Dec.
Is  it possible that something got broken in my update system ?
Has anyone received a monthly OS update for Nov and Dec that MS has failed to download to me ?

Could the common thread for the freezing issue be that some W7 users are not up to date with MS ?

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FWIW, I have gotten Windows 7 x64 updates in November, December and a January 1st update as well.  So it looks like you aren't getting updates, for whatever reason.

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I'm running 7x64 SP1 here, fully patched, with Malwarebytes Premium (also fully up to date) alongside MSE in real-time (and have been for years now) and haven't had any freeze issues or crashes so far.  I've been running build 508 of Malwarebytes since the day it was released.

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That can't be the only factor, though it may certainly be a part of it as I have the December updates installed here and yet I have no freezes and I keep Web Protection enabled.  I suspect either it's some combination of factors such as the update you mentioned and maybe some specific hardware components and/or drivers, or some other combination of software or some combination of all of the above.  Either way, no one at Malwarebytes has been able to reproduce this on any of their machines so far as far as I've heard although they have been trying (as have I).

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My freezing started the day after I installed the December windows update 12.12.18 and I really thought that might be involved. However, others on other areas of this forum have reported that their problems started BEFORE that update. The component update 1.0.508 was rolled out after 6th December and I'm uncertain when it would have been installed on my affected PCs but possibly around the same time as the windows update so it is difficult to know if that is implicated.

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Yeah, the timing definitely makes it tricky to track down the exact cause unfortunately, but hopefully all the data being provided by affected users will help the Developers to find the root cause of the issue and get it fixed soon.  I hate seeing so many people having these issues and not being able to fix the problems.

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