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False alerts on start from Windows Defender - Malwarebytes.

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I'm running now fresh Dell factory install of Win 10 ver. 1803 (after being messed up TWICE by update to 1809). I use Malwarebytes and Norton Security. On occasion (often) right after startup I'm getting this red cross-check icon on Defender with the info 'Open Malwarebytes' in Virus and threat protection. When I open it, everything is OK with the program and scans. I have this issue for months, and it is just nuisance, because eventually it goes away after a while. I just don't like these 'false warnings' - I have to check, because it might be something legitimate.

Does anyone have any idea how to prevent it?

Thanks a lot! Happy New Year!


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It sounds like maybe the Windows Action Center is monitoring Malwarebytes and that perhaps during startup while Malwarebytes is starting its protection, but before it is fully active, Action Center sees that its protection isn't active yet and displays a notification to alert you about Malwarebytes' protection not being active but that's just my guess based on your description.

You can try to resolve it by stopping Action Center from monitoring Malwarebytes (since Malwarebytes monitors itself as well and should alert you via its own tray icon if anything is wrong/not working).  To do so open Malwarebytes and navigate to Settings>Application and under Windows Action Center select the option Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center and that should eliminate the issue.

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