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Friend Recommended me an Antivirus, Tried It, Seems Sketchy, Need Opinion

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NOTE: I am keeping my Malwarebytes Premium, as I do enjoy the service. This is not an ad for this antivirus, as it seems too good to be true. I just want to know if it's legitimate or not.

Also sorry if this is in the wrong topic. This just seemed like the best one to put this in since it involves an antivirus with barely anything known about it.


To keep a long story short, a game I was playing on Steam (Onmyoji) bugged really hard and I was forced to quit and check things. Turns out it may have some security flaws that may need to be checked out. A quick restart of the PC after a full Malwarebytes scan and I noticed things are acting a bit messed up when it comes to Windows. The help window came up on the browser, things are blinking every once in a while, and stuff seems slightly unresponsive.

Anyway, my friend recommended me this Antivirus called (Loaris) Trojan Remover that apparently picks up things even Malwarebytes sometimes misses, and so far yes that seems to be the case. However it does have quite a bit of false positives, as it seems that any game it picks up that has Peer-to-Peer multiplayer or something with the engine it's using it calls a trojan. Because of this I may feel like removing it after I just delete everything it calls a trojan, since most of it is just wasted space when it comes to the games. It only picked up one thing I didn't know I had and didn't want. You can mark the ones that seem like an FP as an FP however, and they'll never show up again on the scan.


However I must say these tool settings are actually something that seem extremely useful in certain situation if something horrendous gets on the PC.


Now the thing is about this is that somehow this "antivirus" has been under the radar for years. I checked basic and specific searches for Loaris and barely got anything when it comes to review, it isn't on Virustotal, none of the files show up as a virus, trojan, etc. on Virustotal, YouTube videos (99% of them are bots), and even the Antivirus' own channel on YouTube barely has 10k subs and very little views. In order to get the premium trial you have to send an email and manually get the code via a support ticket, which is strange. My friend says it's protective beyond protective, but I say the code is just a Remote Access backdoor waiting to happen with the software. The logo and site seem very professional, but the privacy policy and all that seems way too small as well when it comes to being an antivirus, and the text on most of the descriptions is grammatically botched. I'm going to delete everything it says it's a trojan (since it's not vital and seems easy to remove) and immediately remove it from my PC and search for anything else hiding in its name, as I'm too paranoid to keep it around. My friends been using it for a while so idk. It looks promising, but at the same time it seems too good to be true. Feels more like a shareware with hidden intentions.

Could someone that's an expert at looking at things like this please check this out for me and tell me if it's safe? I'm not good at all when it comes to digging into things like this. I'd really appreciate it. If it is legitimate I'll probably keep it as an assistant to Malwarebytes as it seems like a powerhouse when it comes to scanning things, but doesn't have any RTP or auto-scanning it seems like. If it isn't, and ironically the trojan remover is a trojan, it's going straight into the garbage. At least it got me to remove some of my game-hoarding problem. Thank you.

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The thing is that post was over 9 years ago, and it seems like it's been through some considerable changes. That's more than plenty time to change considering its database updates did update frequently. It may still be classified as Rogueware due to its heavy false positives, but what if there's a chance it could be worse now?

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