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HI, friends.....where can I find....

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Thank you kindly for the attention, Kevin.   

I intended to update my status on this thread by now.  I stayed up into the wee hours after working on this, and later got up and just had breakfast when it is lunch time.

I don't think I have ever been to the link you proposed until last night.  It would not recognize my user name and password.  I was given 10 opportunities but after a few, very careful times I quit.  I came back later to try again, but no luck. Each of the two sessions, I followed up with signing in successfully at the Forums page just to prove to myself I'm good with user name and p/w.

I applied for a ticket after the second session. last night.  I don't expect to get heard from today, which is understandable as it is 31 Dec.  But this is the last day for application for the 90 days.

I am overseas until mid-April.  My circumstances have been with WiFi weak to no WiFi.  I receive it from a router of a friendly neighbor. With this status, I had done a 30 days trial at an earlier time, and I was not able to enjoy the continuity needed to give it a fair try.  I doubt that I can apply for another 30 days trial soon after the new year when WiFi status will be greatly improved with a move I will be making to.

Thank you, again, Kevin !





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