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Windows 10 reinstall questions


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Hey Guys and Gals,

i have a Windows 10 Home 64 bit system and it is off the shelf with its own Factory restore partition.

I am thinking of doing a fresh Windows 10 install but have some questions.

Since the drive has multiple partitions if i use the Windows 10 installer made with Media Creation tool, will it wipe those partitions if I reinstall windows from scratch?
Or how Would I do a fresh install so drive "c:" is on the drive as a single partition and not partitioned?

Next, Should mobo chipset drivers be put on the system during Windows 10 install and not after Windows is installed?
I have heard both yes and no for that question which is why I ask.
I know the drivers for mobo go on after Windows is installed but the main chipset driver I am unsure about.

My prebuilt PC came with no COA from Microsoft or the builder and the key is stored in the bios.
So if I do a fresh install of Windows 10 will it read the key on its own during a reinstall?
Or after Windows is reinstalled and I log into email I know key is linked to my account?


I have only had new system for about 4 months and have had to do many Factory resets as Windows is broken on PC.
I can not turn on the system restore feature and if I try it will never work and no backup software will work either.
I tried dozens of programs and all fail to make any backups.

The PC Builder just tells me to do factory rests and it never fixes that issue.
Also the PC builder said if I tried a fresh install it would void system warranty but I really would like to have Windows system restore working.


Last question.
I got an SSD 1tb that had Windows 7 on it and the person who ghave it to me says it has a root virus on it.
I have not plugged into my system but was thinking of changing my "c:" drive as the one I was given is much larger than current one.

So if I decided to swap drives and put virus infected drive in the system and then did fresh window install would it wipe out the virus and all data on the drive?
Or should I just toss the drive and buy another? Since I dont have another system I did not want to infect my pc or ones that are on the network.


Thanks in advance






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