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Firefox add-on not working?


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I just installed Malwarebytes 3.5.1 on my old XP machine, and it's working fine, in trial version at present, but I almost certainly will buy it!

I also installed the Firefox add-on 1.0.32 into Firefox 52.9.0 ESR, which appeared to install fine, but I have a suspicion that it's not actually doing anything!

There's no evidence of it blocking any sites, even some rather dodgy test ones I've been to (!), and isn't a number supposed to appear on its icon to show you what it's blocked? I have never seen this.

Is there a known site that I can test it on which should definitely make it show some activity?

Thanks, Dave.


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Thanks, I should have thought of that!
I've tried the Mirror site, and a few others.
The add-on didn't appear to do anything at all!
All the settings are switched on and appear to be active.
I have Adblock Plus installed as well, could it be conflicting?
Switching it off on the site seems to make no difference.

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Hello @Dave-H and :welcome:

@nukecad gave you a terrific clickbait test URL.👍   If you would like to test the add-ons' embedded error counter above the icon, go to:


If neither exercise works for you, try removing the add-on and download/install again using the hotlink in the locked/pinned topic at the top of this sub-forum.

If again the add-on does not respond to either of the above exercises, please try re-installing Firefox-ESR using the highest integrity source on top of the existing install:


Then, re-install the Malwarebytes for Firefox add-on from https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/malwarebytes/

Is a more recent Firefox-ESR update a practicality for your computer?  60.4.0esr ?

If none of the above works for you, an escalation for Malwarebytes' staff support can be requested.

Thank you.

cc: @rakeshsejwal

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That yahoo site also produces absolutely no activity from the Malwarebytes add-on.
Uninstalling the add-on and reinstalling it made no difference.
I tried disabling Adblock Plus in case it was interfering, still no difference.
I'm not desperately keen to go reinstalling Firefox.
It was updated from previous versions using Mozilla's usual updating mechanism, and I've never had any reason to think that there's anything wrong with it.
Everything else on it works absolutely fine, including all my other add-ons.
I'd be extremely surprised if reinstalling Firefox made any difference at all, and that's a very last resort!
The reason I'm on 52.9 ESR is simply because it's the last version that works on Windows XP!
It is possible that there is some setting in Firefox which is incorrect and stopping the add-on from working, but it's very strange that it looks absolutely fine but just doesn't do anything!
Cheers, Dave.

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I did wonder about that, but there doesn't seem to have ever been any problem with the other add-ons I have installed, or indeed any others that I've ever tried in the past.
I know there are some things which are disabled in ESR versions of Firefox, like push notifications, but they are only switched off by default, not removed, and can be re-enabled.
That's what made me wonder if there was some setting I needed to change in the config page or something!

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10 minutes ago, Dave-H said:

BTW, is it impossible to edit posts on this forum?
I can't find any option for it.

Hello @Dave-H:

1) The last I read concerning post editing was in a recent answer to another member from Malwarebytes' forum manager: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/240467-editing-posts-problems/?do=findComment&comment=1286853.

2) If appropriate, perhaps your system's configuration can be duplicated by the Malwarebytes Quality Assurance folk for testing.

Thank you.

cc: @tetonbob

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1 hour ago, Dave-H said:

How annoying, but that explains it!
I'm a member of many forums, and this is the first one I've found where editing posts after they have been submitted isn't allowed!

Hello @Dave-H:

The SEOs, spammers, miscreants and their post content far exceeds annoying...  Since the problem started, our concerns have never stopped.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  Thank you for your continued understanding.

Edited by 1PW
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I've just tried the add-on on another installation of FF 52.9 ESR, and it doesn't work there either.
I then tried it on an installation of Firefox 64 on a Windows 8.1 machine, and it worked fine!
So it looks as if it's something in Firefox 52.9 ESR which is preventing it doing anything.
I've tried earlier versions of the add-on, and they seem to be all the same.

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That's interesting to know, although not so good news for those who have to use ESR because they are still running XP.

Of course the real problem is that XP is now long out of support, as you know the last version of ESA fully compatible with XP was 52.9.0 and it was later than that that Mozilla changed how Firefox extensions worked.

TBH I don't see any developers making versions of extensions that will be compatible with older Firefox versions now.

Those who are still using XP are going to start seeing less and less compatiblity with new software and upgrades to existing software.

Edited by nukecad
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True, but 52 ESR is compatible with both the traditional add-ons and the newer web extensions.
They simply dropped support for the traditional add-ons, IIRC with Firefox Quantum 57.
If an add-on is incompatible, it normally won't install at all, which makes this behaviour very odd, as the MB add-on appears to install fine, and shows all its interfaces, but just doesn't do anything!
Hopefully one of the developers will be able to comment on this.

BTW, I noticed that you edited your post (the e-mail notification I got was quite different!) and it says here that it's been edited.
I thought editing wasn't allowed, or have you got elevated privileges?!
Cheers, Dave.

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Yes, I'm a member of an 'advanced' group that has editing permission. (I wasn't always).

See the following link for an explanation.


Edited by nukecad
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Hello @Dave-H:

Actually the restriction, as severe as it may appear, is one in many tried solutions and it seems to be working well.  One must understand how things were and how the SEOs/Spammers/spoilers/vandals worked before.  The legitimate users, in the New Member group, understandably may need to do more proofreading now.

Reference: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/240467-editing-posts-problems/?do=findComment&comment=1289659

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I agree, as a moderator on another forum I know just how difficult it can be to stop modern spamners.

Yes a restriction on being able to edit your own posts is a bit annoying. But it's not as annoying as having your favourite fora bombarded with spam posts.

Take the example of another forum I visit regularly.
They have disabled new registrations over xmas/new year to try and prevent spam.
(The mods there only work office hours).
But the last two days have been full of spam posts from 'lurkers' who registered months ago but didnt post until now when they can't make a new registration.

Unfortunately it's got to the point where you have to take drastic measures.

Put the blame where it's due.

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I'm not privy to the rules but I think that it's a case of showing yourself to be 'reliable'.

Give good, helpful advice to others.
Be willing to work with them to sort the problem if you can.

If you can be seen to be helpful on other fora (same username) then that must help as well.

My post count here is not as high as many others, but I'm obviously doing the right things here and elsewhere to get trusted.

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I hope I'm considered worthy at some point!

Anyway, back on topic, FWIW I've uninstalled the MB Add-On, and as a test I've installed the latest version of the Avast equivalent.
That works perfectly, so this type of add-on obviously can work with this version of Firefox!
I'm sure the two add-ons are very different in the way they work of course, but just thought I'd mention that.
Am I right in assuming that the Malwarebytes add-on does not interact in any way with Malwarebytes Premium if it's installed?
If that's the case there is presumably no advantage in using the MB add-on in preference to another simply because you have the full program installed.

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You can run both the add-on and the full MB3 together.

The add-on obviously only protects the browser and whatever you are doing in the browser, whereas full MB3 protects the whole system ie. if you load something from USB/disc.

I believe that they do use the same database, but the add-on also targets some things that are not yet included in MB3.

This thread discusses the subject:

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Thanks, so MB Premium and the MB browser add-on are completely independent of each other, which is what I thought.
I do like a lot of what the MB add-on does compared to its alternatives, so I hope it can be fixed to work on Firefox ESR versions, if indeed them being ESR versions is the problem.
If it can't be fixed, then the page for it on the Firefox add-ons download site needs to be amended to say that it doesn't work on ESR versions, or even better just to not let you download and install it if an ESR version is detected. I assume it won't work with very old versions of normal Firefox as well, but there's no mention of that on the page either.

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