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Windows Live Mail locks up with Malwarebytes running

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It looks like something went wrong when gathering logs with the support tool.  Do you have User Account Control disabled by any chance?  I ask because I think that may be causing issues with it.  If so, please try re-enabling UAC then try gathering the logs again and attach them to your next reply.


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13 minutes ago, johnhouriedavidson said:

Yes, I have UAC habitually turned off. Can'r recall why, but may be something to do with runing VBA macros in Word. New log details attached.


The other Zip file you provided is not generated by Malwarebytes Support Tool (MBST), but rather a legacy tool (MBAM Support Tool). 

Your mbst-grab-results.zip shows you don't have the latest components package installed

Malwarebytes Version Information
Controllers Version:    1.0.519

Please install this version and check if the issue still occurs.

  • Open Malwarebytes.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Install Application Updates.
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The version I installed was downloaded from your Latest Update link just above. The setup file downloaded is: mb3-setup-consumer-

I downloaded it again, but it won't install. I get the message in the attached file: InstallationError_Jan 30th 2019.  This has been an on-going issue for some time, whenever you announce a new version.

So I ran your support tool (mb-support- and clicked on Repair, which says that it downloads the latest version and reinstalls. It has reinstalled, and your About page tells me it has installed:

     Malwarebytes version:

     Component Package version: 1.0.527

     Update package version: 1.0.9018

There is nothing that says anything about the "Controllers Version: 1.0.519" you mention or where that can be downloaded.

Settings > Application > Install Application Updates tells me that "No updates are available".

So I have no idea whether I have installed the version that you mention, nor whether the problems with WLM have been fixed!

Pls. advise

Best rgds

InstallationError_Jan 30th 2019.doc

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Controllers version is equivalent to Component Package version. Version 1.0.519 is the outdated version that you had installed when posting the mbst-grab-results.zip file. Version 1.0.527 is the latest public release version which you now have installed. This version should correct the issue you're experiencing with Windows Live Mail.

Please continue to monitor Windows Live Mail and let us know if you still experience any freezes.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update ... So far so good. No crashes or hangs since installation of the latest Malwarebytes update. I've also re-introduced MSE into the anti-virus mix with no ill effects, though whether MSE adds anything to the Malwarebytes Premium protection I don't know. I suppose it might help a zero-day scenario, or if one or other of the two programs updates its virus protection before the other. I can report that if I do venture somewhere unsafe on the internet, it is invariably Malwarebytes that tells me about it. I don't think that MSE has ever got there before Malwarebytes.

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