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So I have several machines that are reporting they can't connect to the client because its offline. However when I check for updates both through management console and through the client on the pc it tells me up to date with the latest database.

Idea's? See images:




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That database does look a few months out of date.

Also, the Offline would indicate the server cannot communicate to update or confirm if the machines are updating from the internet.

Any changes to the server, endpoints or network configuration that were made recently?

An uninstall and reinstall is also a good step to ensure we get immediately up to date and that the endpoints are showing up online and communicating successfully.

We can do a clean and reinstall with the following tool:


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I'd have to check when I get into work tomorrow. There is only a hand full of machines maybe 20 to 40 out of 2500 that seem to have developed this issue. As far as I know we haven't pushed any updates over the past week for it. 

Should I be able to uninstall and reinstall from the management console? Just recently started working with the management console where I work.

The screen shot of that database information is from one of the machines thats having the issue. When I run from either the console or the client it says its up to date. Though as you mentioned the database there does show out date. The particular photos are from the same machine as it is at one of the workstations I use on daily basis for monitoring.


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