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I too just ran Hitman Pro Alert and got the same. It indicated suspicious , but a trace. I ran Malabytes and  it came up negative, Notron was run and it  was a negative.So is it safe to  conclude that this is a false detection. Mucho grateful for any  insights





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6 hours ago, sortino99 said:

@Zesuses Is a Windows Update in process (KB4483234)? When you want to restart your PC, can you only do "restart and update" or did you already complete the update and does HitmanPro still show the message when you run a scan with it? Let me know here. Thanks.

No , I already  had previously updated. Im not dispensing advice, Im just trying to establish whether or not the file detection in question is  an actual threat or just a  false positive.

Warm Regards,


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On 12/26/2018 at 12:26 PM, AdvancedSetup said:

It would appear to be a FP but you should contact HitmanPro Support


Thank you @Zeuses


Hitman Pro got back to me an  said it was an FP as a result of Windows 10 update. I am going to try a persuade MS, to just stop creating any more updates.:) Im  exhausted with MS Neurotic need to inflict updates ! Im thinking of just  switching to Distro Mint.



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