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Adding websites or domains to be INCLUDED into the block list


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I get pop-ups wayyy too often. But sometimes, a few websites slipped through my Malwarebytes Real-Time Protection. In fact, one of them is such a evil pop-up, it literally forces an EXE download on you, so you have to cancel that and get out of there immediately. I looked around, but I can't find out a way to add an inclusion instead of exclusions. I'd really like to see this included so I can grab that stubborn domain, add it to the blacklist, and poof, it's gone. 

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Hello @MrRyan2582 and :welcome:

A permanent solution for the above issue is to report such incidents.  Please consider studying the Pinned/Locked topic at READ ME: Purpose of this forum.

Then, if you wish, start a new topic within the Newest IP or URL Threats sub-forum following the rules above.  You would be doing a good service for the Internet.

Also, Malwarebytes is BETA testing a browser Add-on you may be interested in: Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Firefox (beta).  Available for Chrome too.

And, please do not overlook the use of Malwarebytes AdwCleaner for removing remnants of adware.  Malwarebytes AdwCleaner may one day be made a part of Malwarebytes 3 (MB3).

Thank you.

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Thanks for the suggestion.  This has been requested in the past but I'll let the team know that it's being requested again.  I too would love to see this functionality get added to Malwarebytes, especially since, at least as far as I know, Windows 10 does not allow the user to edit/use the HOSTS file to block websites any more as they could in previous versions of Windows (I'm currently using Windows 7 and have well over 800,000 entries in my HOSTS file to block various ads, trackers and malicious sites).

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