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Java, Adobe and Skype Sandboxing?

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I know that programs like Sandboxie already exist, and recently Microsoft announced the Windows Sandbox, but...

Is there any chance that Malwarebytes' Anti-Exploit measures be expanded to include pre-configured Sandbox environments for apps like Java, Adobe Flash/Acrobat, Skype, and the like, which could automatically initiate when those programs are launched?

Those applications all seem fairly vulnerable, but are widely used, and for the most part should still run fine in a Sandbox environment. And when you look at the recently developed Windows Sandbox, it quickly becomes evident that it's actually very possible to run Sandboxes efficiently... especially if they're specifically configured for specific applications.

So, does a Malwarebytes Sandbox seem like it would be a good idea and/or worthwhile investment, or is it far enough outside the purview of Malwarebytes to remain a task delegated to external software such as Sandboxie?

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It already has extensive exploit protection capabilities for Java and both Adobe apps.  The only one not shielded by Exploit Protection out of the box is Skype, though a user could add protection for it if they wished using the custom shield function (it should be classified as a browser in the settings for the best results).

Given how extensive the exploit protection for those apps/plugins is, there's no need for sandboxing, at least in my opinion (a LOT of the techniques and technologies that Exploit Protection is based on are focused on exploits that target those 3 applications/plugins).

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