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Not impressed with Malwarebytes.


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I've been using malwarebytes for the past two years and I have RARELY been protected due to the software catching something.
I was experimenting and researching a few public RAT tools last night and not only did the public stubs go un-detected at run time, it also somehow got past scans too!
I mean I infected myself locally to monitor strings in wireshark for my own reasons but it blew my mind when I realized MWBytes was in full protection mode and not a hint of anything from it. I even did a full scan and it caught nothing. 

I hate to say it but i think its time me and MWB part ways. 

Public stub 1 has 31/68 detections. 

Public stub 2 has 40/68 detections. 

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Hello, and welcomme in our cummunity.

Well we make a work a round.

Maybe, are the alleged malware samples too old or just too young to be NEW?

You have this uploadet by VirusTotal, press the button, by FIRST Details, and yo see what´s going on.
You must look, by the first submission.
Verry important Information for you,
the malware game may not be older than 3 months, otherwise this is not built-in. Sorry, I'm not a native speaker.
The Malware Sammples does not older than 3 Months.
INPO ----> in my personal opinion.


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Can you share any logs from your machine during the time this was running? It would be interesting to get some context and data around what happened on your machine. The steps to gather logs are below:

  1. Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Click Gather Logs
  4. Once the process completes, upload the mbst-grab-results.zip from your desktop
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Malwarebytes is great, but it isn't perfect. It honestly cannot get everything, but there's a reason it is designed to work either existing Anti-Virus software. It's not a true replacement. The truth is, nothing can be 100% effective on its own without a catch, such as having to resort to the nuclear option of running a HIPS.

So rather than blaming Malwarebytes and calling it a defective product, try to work with the community to resolve the situation and help it detect threats such as this in the future.

Now, it is highly recommended that you run the Malwarebytes support tool and install the latest updates, as well as the latest updates for any other security software you may have installed.

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