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Malwarebytes Extension API

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Hey everyone, it's Ammy again! That kitsune who says things~

Is there any chance that an API could be developed for Malwarebytes products so that users can develop their own add-ons, and submit them to the Malwarebytes team for review, pending approval for distribution?

Seeing as you guys are a security vendor, you probably know all about the numerous vulnerabilities that exist in a lot of different APIs, and therefor how to avoid them when developing your own, and the creation of an API for Malwarebytes products could potentially offload a lot of the development work for more experimental software solutions.

Heck, you could probably even host a contest of some kind. 🦊

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  • Root Admin

For many programs a good idea, but for a dedicated security application that has the ability to removed even locked files on a system, one would not typically allow outside 3rd party to add code as it would take a inordinate amount of time to vet such code but thank you for the suggestion


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Baby steps, perhaps. Public API could start out as just a platform for read-only detection (for example, to help detect threats for other operating systems before they stowaway on outgoing traffic), with a private API documented only for security vendors for integration with existing security programs.

In the event that an API does enter development, do let me know about it~

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