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Taking a look at 7-Max


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So, I recently learned of an ancient open-source utility called 7-Max, which aims to reduce Disk I/O and wasted CPU cycles on Windows by switching from Small Pages (4 KB each) to Large Pages (2 to 4 MB each), as Windows doesn't natively support them (or at least it didn't at the time, I don't know if that's changed).

However, it can cause some instabilities, and it also doesn't really get along with User Account Control (or Data Execution Prevention for that matter).


Any thoughts on this? 🦊

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7 hours ago, Amaroq_Starwind said:

So, I recently learned of an ancient open-source utility called 7-Max


7-max 5.00 works only in Windows 2003 / XP x64 / Vista.

So you are concerned about old UNSUPPORTED operating systems that really should not be in use today except in EXTREME cases, OK 


Not starting a debate about old OS's, Just an observation.

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The only reason I'd likely run an older OS like that would be if I wanted to set up a rig for playing older games that aren't compatible with modern Windows versions (though before long I'm going to be one of those guys who's hanging onto an unsupported OS since I fully intend to stick with 7 at this point, even after support for it ends in 2020 because I just can't bring myself to use Windows 8/8.1 and especially not Windows 10 because I value my privacy and control over my system too much).

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The program is open-source, so a Windows 10 version could probably be made. It could probably take the form of a system driver, and only patch programs that aren't protected by DEP, don't already natively support large memory pages, and haven't previously crashed when attempting to force large memory pages on them.

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