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Improving the FileASSASIN

Human Bass

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I really found the FileASSASIN to be useful.

It helped me to get rid of the WGA notification :P

But I have an annoying bank protection software that refuses to be uninstalled. And I believe the FileASSASIN could help me tremendously if it only were able to delete more than 1 file per time. I hit Ctrl+A and it doesn't chose all the files. So, my suggestion is to the user be able to murder more than 1 file per time.

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@srtools1980y and ioni -

While I don't know if the copy of Windows Human Bass is using is legitimate or not, it's wrong to automatically assume that someone is a crook just because they have WGA problems or don't want to use it. I for one, do use it and have never had any problems.

See this article for example

or this

There are plenty of others.

Just Google wga fail~ or wga hell

Edit: Well I see while I was preparing this that Human Bass responded. Still doesn't mean that anyone that doesn't use it is automatically a crook.

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Running an illegitimate O/S is unethical and some might refuse to help Human Bass. Human Bass's question has nothing to do with the O/S though and has to do with one of MalwareBytes' programs which I will try to help.

With that being said, I cannot explain the reasons why they didn't allow users the ability to delete more than one file at the same time because I did not help develop this tool. Hopefully a developer will come along and provide a better, more accurate answer.

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Regarding WGA notification:

Please look here-


In post #8 (here) Human Bass has agreed his os is pirated version.

So mbam can be used for getting rid of WGA notification na?

Please somebody clarify whether it's ethical.

I want reply from responsible person/s.

Actually I still get the notification during the startup, I got rid of the annoying tray in the right corner of the screen.

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  • Root Admin

Further development of the FileAssassin tool is currently on hiauts and there is no current discussion as to when or if it will receive any updates or improvements.

Since the original question has been answered please stay on topic or I will start removing non relevant posts.

Thank you.

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Actually I was referring to the suggestion or question:

And I believe the FileASSASIN could help me tremendously if it only were able to delete more than 1 file per time

I wrote:

This may be by design... Deleting one file at a time encourages the user to pay attention to each and every file that they add to the list.
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