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The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

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Hey all.  I thought there was a topic on this already but my search came up empty.  Not sure why... perhaps I'm mis-remembering.

So we have some Win 10 machines that throw this error when trying to download the Malwarebytes Service.  The Endpoint downloads and installs from the cloud page, but it never fully installs because of this error.  We are not sure what is causing it, however we do have a support case open and are being told that somewhere along the line, the TLS is being downgraded to 1.0 from 1.2 which is required.  Strangely, this does not seem to be affecting all machines at the various sites it is happening to, and that makes me think it's some setting at the machine level or corruption in Windows,.

Looking to see if anyone else has run across this and figured out a solution other than trying a fresh OS load which is not easy when you need the users to ship the machine or make an on site visit.


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Hey Kernel,

These TLS SSL issues can definitely be tricky to track down, we do require the TLS 1.2 for successful communication.

My usual suspects to include the machine settings itself, as well if a particular site is being affected by any routers, firewalls, filters, or packet inspection.

Sometimes we find its an older network device downgrading the TLS.

If you can collect a Wireshark packet capture from one of the affected machines just let us know I can send a file upload link and help review see if we see anything that stands out.

Many Thanks

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Thanks - working with Support and already provided this, but still not any further along other than we know that something appears to be downgrading it.  However, what is weird is that I just installed on a win 7 machine and it worked perfectly.  It seems to be Win 10 machines that have the issue... on site right now working through some more testing.

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