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Windows 10 Malware


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I'm just curious as my concerns with this new version of windows seem related to a lot of other peoples troubles.

Does windows 10 itself perhaps constitute malware?!

  • Forced updates (via p2p even from whatever hackers pc in the world that supposedly holds the update material). Hack that and you can poison the update process no problem.
  • Keystrokes monitored whether you disable the option or not
  • Browsing history harvested
  • etc
  • etc

You need the enterprise edition to maintain privacy and keep a tighter grip on security. I see now why windows 10 was free.

Then there is Microsofts marketing department trying to convince the world Edge is the most secure browser ever! Kali cracks clients using that in moments (a bit like any other browser). There will always be some kind of buffer overrun vulnerability / backdoor in absolutely every piece of software they have written.

What happened to Bill Gates company, anyone else feel that Microsoft are not respecting their customers. They are abusing the sheer monopoly they hold!

I think this new version of windows and the crappy update topology they got it is actually making me go insane!!


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I'm also not a fan of all the embedded advertising (the START menu, the built in app store, search recommendations etc.).  Such practices used to be considered adware, a form of malware, at one time before bigger organizations like Microsoft and Google started adopting such practices, now people just accept it like it's OK.

The same goes for all this telemetry data (i.e. spyware); things were already bad enough, but now with AI technology and relatively cheap computing power thanks to the advancements of GPU based data analysis models, it poses more of a risk to personal privacy than ever before, regardless of what measures one might take to conceal their identity and activities.

Don't get me wrong, many great things have come as a result of these technologies, but there's a whole lot of horrible badness that has come with it and the price is a heavy one for anyone who thinks that their lives and online activities are private in any way.

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