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Open-Source CPUs... MBAM on a chip?

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I'm not too sure that would be the best use of this new technology, however a light Linux distro with the Malwarebytes Web Protection filtering engine built into it running on a router would be nice as an IoT solution, but that could be done with current/past technology and wouldn't require any of these new SoC's to accomplish.

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I think you'd need a lot more than just Malwarebytes Web Filtering to protect a router. You'd want to modify all of the Malwarebytes protection components to run on a lightweight Linux distro, in order to prevent Malware from getting onto the router through over means. Maybe also giving it things like Memory Encryption (with DAWG-based protection), ECC memory, and a variation of that HP SureStart stuff (except implemented in a way that still allows firmware updates through some means). Now if the router had automatic software updates (not firmware, just software) for its protection components and the like, you'd probably end up with one of the most secure routers ever made.

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