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I just logged into my MBAM account at https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login#

That login was agonizing because this MBAM website uses the horrid reCAPTCHA as an extra layer of alleged protection.

I hate reCAPTCHA with an unmitigated passion.  It took me many screens to pass that ******* test.

Once logged in, I tried to file a support ticket.

Once again, the website made me do a reCAPTCHA test before I could click on the Submit Ticket button.  Why?  I had already done that upon login?!

I tried several times that pass this reCAPTCHA, but eventually had to give up.

Death to reCAPTCHA.

MBAM if you have any thoughts for your users, please eliminate reCAPTCHA.  I think that you need no CAPTCHA at all, but if you insist, gimme something like an arithmetic problem.

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Reading the wiki link on reCAPTCHA more, is MBAM using the NoCAPTCHA version?

The wiki link says: "Because NoCAPTCHA relies on the use of Google cookies that are at least a few weeks old, reCAPTCHA has become nearly impossible to complete for people who frequently clear their cookies."

I clear my entire browser cookies every time that I shut it down, which is more than once a week.



Andrew Munsell, in his article "Captchas Are Becoming Ridiculous" states "A couple of years ago, I don’t remember being truly baffled by a captcha. In fact, reCAPTCHA was one of the better systems I’d seen. It wasn’t difficult to solve, and it seemed to work when I used it on my own websites." [32][unreliable source?] Munsell goes on to state, after encountering a series of unintelligible images that despite refreshing "Again, and again, and again. The captchas were not only difficult for a computer to read, but impossible for a human." Munsell then provided numerous examples.


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I absolutely HATE CAPTCHAs, they are fast and easy one moment then the next moment it doesn't remember my input, I know they have to have them to prevent bots (which it even fails to do that at times) but they feel so inconvenient at now and then..

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2 hours ago, bkreamer said:

Is this a MWB issue? Chrome? ZoneAlarm? 

Out of the 3 choices you stated I would lean towards zonealarm unless you have an extension in Chrome doing it.

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