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Hey, I've been encrypted for about a month and was wondering if ya'll had any update info on decryption tool as yet; also, how long roughly does it usually take for one to become available please and thanks?

Bellow is message i received in a READ_ME notepad file



Your files are Encrypted!
For data recovery needs decryptor.
How to buy decryptor:

1. Download "Tor Browser" from https://www.torproject.org/ and install it.

2. Open this link In the "Tor Browser"


Note! This link is available via "Tor Browser" only.

Free decryption as guarantee.
Before paying you can send us 2 file for free decryption.




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Hello @OYDj and :welcome:

There is no guarantee that one will ever be released. It's quite possible that any encrypted data will never have a publicly available decrypter.

I would recommend though that you visit this site and follow their directions to try and determine which ransomware you were hit with.


On a new or rebuilt computer, you'd want to make sure you also keep all your important data backed up.

Backup Software

Cheers, Ron



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Nothing we can do with encrypted data, but we may be able to clean the computer. Though, if you're able to do a factory restore that might be the best option. If you're unable to recover the data you can still copy your personal data to an external drive and then wait and hope that some time in the future a tool is released to the public to decrypt your data.

Going forward, and on a clean computer, make sure you backup your data often and keep the backup drive disconnected until next backup time.

Backup Software

If you need something else, please let us know.




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