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Wireless Network Utilities


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Given Apple's policies, would it still be possible to implement any of the following features as a general-purpose network utility? If not, please explain why in detail, and/or if there might be any feasible workarounds.

  1. Network Scanning, a la Fing or WiFi Guard (requires location data)
  2. Network I/O visualization and history, (a la GlassWire)
  3. WiFi password sharing with contacts and other Malwarebytes users, using transparent Public Key encryption
  4. WiFi hotspot mapping (a la the popular WiFi Map and Airport Utility apps, but requires location data)
  5. Detection and database of unsafe wireless networks (may require location data)
  6. Auto-Connection to Open Hotspots (but only when a VPN is in use)
  7. Sharing of network connectivity with other Malwarebytes users (even on other platforms) via Bluetooth Sharing (hotspot) and a combination of RSA and Public Key encryption
  8. Duplicate SSID detection, aka "Evil Twin" detection
  9. Device Name masking (hiding your device name from wireless networks)
  10. Speedtest.net / pingtest.net integration

If any of these are viable, I'd love to hear it.

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  • Staff

It's fairly limited what can be done on iOS with regard to some kind of "safe wifi" feature. Some other apps have it, but it's kind of a joke feature at this point, we think probably more for the purpose of giving users a "Scan" button they can push without fully understanding what they're scanning.

We're still trying to figure out how we could turn some of this kind of stuff into a useful feature that would provide real value to users, rather than just being a feel-good button to tap.

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Most of them are just eye candy to give you warm fuzzies and cannot actually do everything they profess to do effectively.

Malwarebytes products are popular because they don't try to be a swiss army knife with lots of features that the user doesn't need.

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