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When can I change my avatar?

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I probably should do a search first, but I'm extremely tired and I have bad experience with search engines, so I just want to ask the community directly since this question isn't answered in the guidelines;
When will I finally be allowed to change my forum avatar? I understand that the permissions of new users are limited due to abuse, but what about just making changes need to be verified by moderators before they can be permitted?

Here is the image that I want to set as my avatar:



(Before anyone asks; yes I own that particular piece of art (though I did not draw it), and I am prepared to prove it if anyone asks.)

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Click on your name in the upper right corner and choose Profile. Click on the small rectangular icon in the lower left corner of your current generic avatar to change it.

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31 minutes ago, Amaroq_Starwind said:

Am I supposed to directly message one of the moderators or admins?

I think you are simply supposed to be patient, providing assistance to other users here until you attain sufficient status to be allowed to change it.

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I think it should be possible for any user to draft edits to their own posts, and to draft multiple edits to a post even (each subsequent edit being based on the latest draft stored on the server), but it should require moderator approval before any of those edits are actually published. But I completely understand where you're coming from.

I'll send the private message in a moment, thank you.

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