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AV test of Malwarebytes


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10 hours ago, SloppyMcFloppy said:

I would take AV Comparatives test results as a grain of salts. 

I tend to agree however the reality is many many folks follow comparative tests and accept the results as valid.

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Yep, such is the nature of these kinds of tests, and it always has been.  It's difficult to set up a consistent, repeatable test that truly replicates a real-world infection scenario, so these testing organizations just do the best they can with the tools available to them.  Unfortunately that means that much of what they are testing are only a fraction of the various products' capabilities and are more relevant to the more traditional and much less effective (in the real world) detection mechanisms such as basic signatures and rudimentary file heuristics.  I don't envy their responsibility, and I'm certain they are fully aware of the limitations of their testing methods given how long they've been doing these things, and I'm sure they try their best to update their methods to more closely replicate how users in the wild encounter online threats, it's just unfortunate that how the bad guys actually attack is much more random and clever, and not at all easy to capture and replicate for a testing lab (of course this is done deliberately in order to try and avoid threat researchers and the like as well as anyone else who would seek to analyze and reverse engineer what they are doing).

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