MBAM will not install or run(Fix)

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Hi all,

Would first off like to say a big thanks to Jaxryley for this very simple fix for what is a very awkward malware/rogue install to deal with up until now.

Symptoms are as screenshot below,fake alert/scanner infection and an attempts to run any other tools results in this being blocked by the installed malware which then reports the tools as being infected.

Net results is that no new tools or most existing applications will no longer run beyond your operating system and browser.


If MBAM is not installed, please save the installer file to your desktop and rename it to installer.com then run the file.


Once MBAM is installed then locate and rename mbam.exe to mbam.com

Click on the renamed file to run it and then perform a quickscan.Allow it to delete what it finds and then allow the computer to reboot.

This will allow MBAM to run and remove the rogue install + repair the hijack on the running of other exe files.

Jobs a good'un at this point but dont forget to rename mbam.com now back to mbam.exe :P

We hope our application has helped you eradicate this malicious Malware.

If your current anti-virus solution let this infection through please consider purchasing the PRO version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for additional protection against these types of malware.

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