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Previously detected items not showing up

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Sorry to resurrect an old post but a workaround shouldn't be a resolution.  Would someone please explain why previously detected items such as registry keys do not show up in the registry key exclusion area?  I had expected them to...   Also, I am running a custom scan and I asked it to warn about PUPs, not to quarantine them.  It seems to ignore this setting, which is frustrating as well.  I enjoy and rely on the product but I'm annoyed at some of the quirks.   Thanks in advance.

### Are Exploits not the same as items flagged during a scan?  My PUP registry key (Adboe) does not show up here.

### Registry Key: 1


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Currently the only way to exclude an item in the registry from being detected is to perform a scan of your system such as the default Threat scan (you may do this by clicking the Scan Now button located on the Dashboard tab in Malwarebytes) and once the scan completes and you see the item you wish to exclude being detected, uncheck the box to the left of the item then click Next and once prompted on what to do with the remaining unchecked items select the option to always ignore and it will be added to your exclusions list which you can verify by checking the Exclusions tab in Malwarebytes and the item should no longer be detected by future scans.

With that said, that entry for Adobe shouldn't be detected if it is part of a normal Adobe installation.  I have Adobe on my own system (both Flash Player and the latest Adobe Reader DC) and Malwarebytes does not detect any of its components so it is possible that either this is a false positive or there is something else going on with your system.  If it were a false positive, and given how common Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader/Acrobat are, someone would have reported it by now yet I see no related reports so for some reason that entry is unique to your system.  If it was something that you created or altered then that's fine and you may follow my above instructions to exclude the detection, however if you did not create it and don't know why it is there then I would advise following dcollins instructions above to provide logs for further investigation so that he may help you to determine if the system is infected or if something else is going on to cause this detection.

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