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Well-intentioned site marked as phishing


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Hello and thanks to MWB for the great tools.

One of my local gyms has a site built by a non-tech person with Cabanova. When I access the site, I get a phishing alert. There is another post here where Cabanova deny being a phishing site.

I like the guys who run the gym, and would like to help them out if possible by letting them know how to remove this negative aspect of their site.

Is there any way of telling if the phishing is part of the user-created content, or if it is part of the Cabanova platform, or if it is a false positive. Here's a bit of the log. I didn't publish it all, because I am unaware of whether I compromise myself by publishing a whole MWB log entry.

-Blocked Website Details-

Malicious Website: 1
, , Blocked, [-1], [-1],0.0.0

-Website Data-
Category: Phishing
Domain: sitebuilder.cabanova.com
IP Address:
Port: [51044]
Type: Outbound

The site is here -> http://www.amazone-fitness.fr/



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  • Root Admin

Hello @Jaiket

amazone-fitness.fr is not blocked

We do block about 4 sites on the cabanova.com domain.

More than likely if you're getting a block and not visiting any of those sites then it's quite possible one of your extensions in your browser may be out of date or you may need to factory reset your browser.

If you like we can take a look at your system to see if anything is going on with it. The site opens for me with no blocking

Thanks, Ron



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Hello Ron,

Thanks for your reply. I think my system should be safe, because it is a new clean installation of Windows, with a downloaded Firefox from the Mozilla site. That said I did get a malware alert for a Filezilla download from Sourceforge. My windows is not activated yet, I have to go through the phone because I moved my license to a new machine. Once I have activated it, I would be pleased if you took the time to see if anything is going on with my system, if you are OK to do that for a free installation of Malwarebytes. I shall deal with the Windows activation now (I hope).



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