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Refined Application Component Updating

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The user needs to have more information and control when it comes to updates, especially if they opt to participate in Beta software.

When checking whether the currently installed version of Malwarebytes is up to date, it should separately tell you the currently installed build/agent numbers for each installed program/component, as well as the most recent publicly available beta and release versions.

In addition, you should be able to toggle beta updates for each component separately, and easily check if new Malwarebytes software is available for download and installation (but only if it's compatible with what you've already got.

And finally, the initial installer for the software (even if it's an offline installer) should give you checkboxes to download and install optional additional components, such as Anti-Exploit, AdwCleaner, the browser extensions, the Support Tool, etcetera.

- - -

Now as an optional addendum; a universal control panel for installed Malwarebytes products, where you can install, update, repair, configure and activate all of your installed Malwarebytes products without needing to switch between multiple GUIs... This would be a dream come true for power users like myself. Perhaps there could even be a UWP version of said control panel, and/or an integrated version of the support tool? 🦊


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Unfortunately, because the various components of Malwarebytes' protection and scan engine are all tied into the same core (MBAMService.exe) and the same UI (mbam.exe and mbamtray.exe), it would be impossible to separate each module to update it separately, so whenever one component of protection receives an update, it is usually the case that one or more of the core components shared among the various components within the product is updated to implement it.  As I understand it, the only separate components are the drivers for each module and some of the individual DLLs, however they all use the same service and engine core as I mentioned, so separating them would be impossible without a total software re-write.

As for bundling and/or offering the other products, while I definitely see the potential value and usefulness in it, I'm not sure that they'd want to offer the betas to every user that way considering the risks inherent when testing beta software, not to mention the fact that it might seem a bit shady like when other programs bundle or offer/advertise other products in their installers and/or UIs, so I'm not sure that all users would be receptive to this concept.  It would also introduce a lot of potential issues and unknowns if the installer were to be used as a launcher/manager/installer for the other tools and betas since any potential issue could be the result of the bundled installer/downloader and it would also mean that the separate teams and Devs working on those other products would have to hold up each release to coordinate with the main Malwarebytes 3 product team/Devs and would have to worry about integration into its installer etc. which would add more overhead to their efforts, possibly slowing development.

With that said, it is possible that once it is released/out of beta, that the browser extension may become a component/feature of Malwarebytes 3 Premium (though this is not definite yet the last I heard; only a possibility) so that would take care of that component at least if/when that happens.

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