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My PC was great until I installed MB. (Read-Only Atribbute Problem)

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Damn, im very mad, i've lost so much time that I could have working on my proyects. I installed MB just for run a maintenance scan, nothing was wrong. 
MB found 10 threats that I found its a lot because most I had before was 4 or 3. I run this like two times per year thought.
All fine... MC did his job and put everything in quarantine closing my Google Chrome with all the tabs, something that I understand since some of the threads where in the Chrome folders and also I was not worried about it because when this happens you can recover all the tabs because Chrome detects its and you can restore. I dont remember if i restarted after that but well I dont care. When i opened Google Chrome it surprise me because it got restored but some last session from yesterday... (wtf) I let it go and *****ing lost time since here...

Finally I was for downloading some images that I have to use on my *****ing proyects that I should be working on right now!!!! but it doesn't allow me because it saids I don't have the rights to write/download the file....

I checked and all my folders have the mark of "Read Only", even if I desactivate it and I comeback (Rigt Click>Propierties) it appears again...
My user has Administrator privileges as always and its the only one...
I created another one, the read-only keeps appearing on news folder I create but for some reason I can write on them, the only problem is the *****ing desktop never loads (specifically explorer.exe) 
I had to open the explorer by using others run commands I dont right now what I used, anyway its impossible to use.

I unistalled MB hoping it would fix it and now I realize it was a mistake maybe could restore the cuarenten and fix everything, installed again and running an analysis...
I need to get to work so Im posting this maybe someone can help me while im doing the next:

-Disable auto-protection of MB and restarting

-I had a *****ing restore point and I have it set up to everytime I install something It creates a new one. I HAVE 0 RESTORE WINDOWS POINTS. VERY WEIRD. *****. 


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It was all my fault, seems like Google Chrome has some virus/extension or something and MB broken it, funny thing is Windows always have the option of read-only on folders and its impossible to desactivate (thought it was a virus or something broken).

Fixed reinstalling Google Chrome. Sorry for the lenguage, I was upset, always something have to happens when you have a project to work on... 

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