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I'm putting this here because I have nowhere else to put it (there is no "Other Apps" subforum under Comments and Suggestions),

But after trying to cleanup my relative's computer, I had a thought. Why, why, WHY are there so much Windows Store bloatware included on peoples' machines by default, and why does it have to be so hard to remove?! It's even worse when I accidentally delete the very registry keys needed to uninstall a bloatware program via Malwarebytes!

My hypothetical solution: Malwarebytes Anti-Bloatware, a free UWP-based tool (standalone) or Add-On for Malwarebytes, which scans for known (reported) or likely bloatware from the Windows Store, and asks the user if they wish to completely remove it from their system. It would also prevent accidentally nuking registry keys needed to perform uninstalls.

Something like this would not only be extremely useful for individuals who frequently try to fix computers for their friends and relatives, but by making it a UWP app, it would also be possible to use it on a Windows phone, and to sync it to your Microsoft account for automatic downloads and updates.

And then there's always the possibility of an Android version... though that would be a lot less necessary because it's usually a lot easier to remove (though sometimes, a lot harder to identify) Android bloatware. And also, Bloatware isn't usually a security risk either.

Thoughts on this? At the very least, it would be a good candidate for an April Fools update/blog.

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