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Does VPN Enhance the online Security?


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As there are many threats on the internet like malware and trojan which can be tackled by Antivirus and firewall, but There are many more threats came up on the internet like Ransomware attacks D-Dos Attacks, and phishing attacks. Which Antivirus cannot tackle also there are thousands of websites and programs and even the Internet services providers are tracking the online data. So I have heard that we can tackle these things with a Virtual Private network. That's why I have decided to start using a VPN, and have searched a little bit about them, and find out that they are quite expensive, but as Black Friday is in the corner that's why there are few VPN providers who are offering good deals on black Friday:  Like PureVPN is offering 88% off on 5-year subscription 


 and Cyberghost is offering 73% discount


 on black Friday. 

So I want your guy's suggestions that which VPN should I go with, for better online security and please suggest me if there are any other good VPN's which I can buy, Also Please let me know that how does The VPN enhance the Internet security and tackled these threats I have mentioned above? 

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Using a VPN connection can help in some cases by blocking user agent strings, not copying cookies (tracking), in some cases some may offer to scan all web pages for you and block anything they feel is bad.

Finding a good, unbiased review site though is like finding a magical unicorn. All of the ones I've found all make affiliate money or have backing, payment from VPN authors, which makes it difficult to believe everything they say. Though often if taken with a grain of salt they can contain some good information to be gleaned from the site. PureVPN does not seem to get good reviews from anyone that I found though.

PureVPN PCMag Review

PureVPN Review

What Is a VPN, and Why Would I Need One?


I like Cyberghost VPN and even paid for it. I also have a paid version of Express VPN.
Cyberghost will stream Netflix for me every time I try even from different locations and networks when I travel. Express VPN has never been able to stream Netflix for me. Worked with their Tech Support for over an hour and still could not get it to work. Netflix detected and stopped the stream right away. What I don't like is that Cyberghost sold out to Crossrider aka Kape who sells and develops 2 products that have dismal reviews. I'm not saying that Cyberghost is like that but when the parent company owns them who knows how long before they cross the line and the product deteriorates. They already stopped their Free VPN service which they've had for a long time. It ends this month, and now you have to have a paid version to use it.

The below information is what I've found via Google search - make up your own mind about Cyberghost. Currently I still us it since I've paid for it and I don't see any obvious signs of ads or issues using it at this time aside from their own ads trying to get you to buy it. Why they provide an ad to buy when you're logged in with a paid version I'm not sure but at least it's just their own product and not ads for other stuff.


Israeli company Crossrider buys Romania’s CyberGhost for EUR 9.2 mln


New Crossrider variant installs configuration profiles on Macs

CrossRider at McAfee


Teddy Sagi
In late 2012 Sagi acquired the start-up company Crossrider for $US 37M

Crossrider renamed Kape after switching to cybersecurity

"We have completely broken away from the ad-tech world and over the past year we have proven our major capabilities in cybersecurity that was demonstrated by the solid growth in top line and profitability"


CyberGhost joins the Crossrider group

Crossrider re-branded to Kape technologies plc

Kape - Our Products



Reimage Reviews and Complaints



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