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Feature Request: GlassWire and FairAds integration

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Ah, this should hopefully be my final feature request for the day.


GlassWire and Fair AdBlocker are the best Firewall and AdBlocker utility that anyone could ask for in my opinion. In between all of GlassWire's numerous features, and Fair AdBlocker's ability to protect you from adds while still supporting websites and creators (and even donate to causes of your choice), it really makes me wonder why these things aren't already on everyone's computers, or better yet, integrated into Malwarebytes. Unfortunately, my mind is crashing now, so I have kind of lost all my articulation for this last post. x.x

See you all tomorrow, with hopefully even more ideas~

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Hi Amaroq,
You may want to read the following article:


So the firewall seems to be on the to do list. Could you tell what features of glasswire you like that you would like to see implemented?

Durew (home user)

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You might try the Malwarebytes browser extension beta.  It blocks many ads, trackers, phishing sites, PUPs, clickbait links, tech support scam sites and much more and works perfectly alongside the Web Protection component in Malwarebytes 3 Premium.  It is currently available for both Chrome (and other Chromium based browsers like SRWare Iron and Vivaldi) as well as Mozilla Firefox.  You can find out more and download the extensions at the following links:


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Well, the GlassWire account is actually following me on Twitter, so that's pretty rad.
Anyways, today I found out that there's a GlassWire affiliates page.

I'm thinking that maybe GlassWire and Malwarebytes could become affiliates, since they're both aimed at different aspects of security. Thoughts on this? The GlassWire folks already displayed interest on the idea of a Malwarebytes partnership when I brought it up about a week ago. 🦊
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An affiliate program isn't the same thing as a corporate partnership.  An affiliate would be like where a site like MajorGeeks displays ads for a product and gets a commission on each sale that comes from a user purchasing through that ad on their site or when a PC repair tech sells copies of particular software to their customers like AVs etc. where they get a cut of the profits from those sales.

At this point, considering that Malwarebytes already bought Binisoft, I kinda doubt they'd be looking to partner up with another company that produces a WFP based firewall but I suppose you never know.

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